Churchill and the Dardanelles
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Published in the UK: 23 Mar 2017
Published in North America: 23 May 2017

“In this highly readable and comprehensive treatment, Christopher M. Bell treats the evidence with forensic care and delivers arguments that are consistently nuanced and fair. The book casts new light both on Churchill himself and on the wider question of civil–military relations during World War I”

-- Richard Toye, author of The Roar of the Lion

“Bell is careful to specify what we know and what we don’t know, and his reliance solely on corroborated sources and written records makes it easy to believe that his research is as unbiased as possible. This is both an excellent study of the campaign itself and a good account of how memory can be utterly twisted in both deliberate and unconscious ways.”

-- Megan Moore Burns, Quill & Quire